About the Mandoleers

The Mandoleers - a Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra in the Finest American Tradition

Founded in 1923

The Mandoleers: A Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra in the Finest American Tradition performing in the Washington D.C. Area. Founded in 1923 in Takoma Park, Maryland as “The Takoma Mandoleers” and rehearsing and performing every year since then. Our rehearsal site is in Arlington, VA.

Our instrumentation includes the mandolin (for first and second mandolin), mandola, mandocello, guitar (classical/nylon string), and double bass. Our conductor has over 20 years experience teaching guitar in the Arlington Public Schools and holds a Masters Degree in Music Composition, so we get the opportunity to play new music composed specifically for a modern mandolin orchestra.

Check out our Calendar for upcoming concerts, or just stop by our rehearsal site on most Tuesday nights to see if you'd like to come join us. No audition is required.