The Mandocello [Method Book]

Author: Mark E freemantle

This book, written by The Mandoleers Mandocellist, is the first method book for mandocello available for purchase in over 100 years.  Purchase directly from the Publisher or Amazon.

The Mandoleers Recorded Music

Our CD "Mandolin Moods" is available for purchase, direct from us!  Just go to Contact Us and send a request.  Purchase price and shipping - TBD. 

1.    As Khamilonan Tavouná, Traditional Greek,  arr. Russell Foster 

2.    Camilla, Frank W. Bone,  1913 

3.    Corale, Raffaele Calace,  arr. Howard Frye 

4.    A Travers la Hongrie, Francois Menichetti 

5.    España,  Ralph Crevetti,  arr. Konrad Wölki 

6.    Angelus,  J. Massenet,  arr. R. E. Hildreth,  1912 

7.    Partita Antiqua,  C. Noordzij 

8.    The Palms, J. Fauré,  arr. E. H. Frey,  1899 

9.    Une Fête au Château, Francois Menichetti 

10.    An Irish Medley, Traditional Irish,  arr. Wm B. Fairchild,  1906 

11.    Peacherine Rag, Scott Joplin,  arr. Russell Foster,  1901 

12.    Hi-Ko Hi-Ko, Gustav Luders,  arr. T. P. Trinkaus,  1904 

13.    Buona notte Mimi, Guiseppe Manente 

14.    Old Dominion March, C. Nordendorf,  arr. Dave Ruppert,  1863 

15.    Popular Italian Melodies, Traditional Italian,  arr G.L. Lansing,  1914 

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